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A Matchless Century

Tormo Limited made its first delivery of quality components to British Industry during the reign of Queen Victoria. Four monarchs later and still in the hands of the same family, Tormo has a track record that few can match whilst continuing to deliver special benefits to customers.

Tormo successfully blends the uncompromising quality, service and accumulated knowledge that has supported its business over time with high-performance technology and supply management techniques demanded by modern industry.

With over 100 years of continuous trading we've learned how to service our markets; we make a point of understanding our customers and their needs... we do it supremely well.

A Flair For Customer Service

Meeting narrow delivery windows with fluctuating volumes is normal procedure for us. Kan Ban and other advanced scheduling systems provide the efficiency and flexibility required to ensure your order is executed with a precision equal to that of the product.

Incompatibility between realistic manufacturing lead times for product and the parameters afforded by the market is commonplace - our approach is not. We make a point of maintaining a rapport with our customers and we have a first-class understanding of their business needs and systems.

With this knowledge we are able to keep one step ahead, often providing vital buffer stock.

Matchless Production

High quality at a competative price demands efficient equipment.

Most repetition turned parts supplied by Tormo are produced on Swiss-type sliding head automatics and Escomatic wire-fed machines which provide high output coupled to superlative accuracy.

More complex components are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machines and machining centres, guaranteeing exceptionally precise working and accurate repeatability.

Speciality components such as precision springs, instrument pivots and industrial jewels - the heart of high accuracy devices - are produced by factories associated with watch manufacturing, where precision is paramount.

Striking Quality

Notwithstanding their size, many micro mechanical components are critical to the functionality of the end product. Reliability and durability are therefore essential attributes, any reduction in quality is a false economy.

Tormo's long-established reputation for uncompromising quality has earned us a string of 'A' Vendor ratings from the UK Engineering industry. With the backing of our ISO 9001 based system, you can be confident that product quality and service reliability will be equally matchless.

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