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Serving sectors ranging from Aerospace to Medical to Oil & Gas, few areas of UK Industry are as varied as its Precision Engineering and mechanical components base. But amid this diversity, there lies one common but vital area of expertise; the ability to produce complex engineering components to astonishingly exacting tolerances and high standards.

Notwithstanding their size, many micromechanical components are critical to the end product’s functionality. Reliability and durability are, therefore, essential attributes, any reduction in quality is a false economy.

Tormo’s long-established reputation for uncompromising quality and service across the mechanical engineering industry has earned us a string of ‘A’ Vendor ratings from the UK Engineering Industry. With the backing of our ISO 9001 & AS9120 accreditation you can be confident that product quality and account servicing will be equally, and uncompromisingly, reliable. With precision engineering at our core, we understand the importance of a 5-star service in this industry – no matter the job.

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